2019 Minnesota Made - Event 4 - Big Marine


That was the theme of the day for our last event.  Not only was travel difficult without a snowmobile, but even hole hopping was testing each angler today.  With calf high snow, walking from hole to hole was not an easy task.  No matter what, the guys got a good workout in.

The crappies, including the big kickers that used to be a staple at Big Marine were less abundant and tough to find.  The gills were plentiful and were above average for a metro lake.

Having knowledge of this lake and how it works is a huge bonus because of how difficult it can be.  And that's exactly why Neil and Chris were able to put together a winning bag.  You see, Big Marine is the lake where Neil's fishing story starts.

"Winning at Big Marine Lake means a lot to me, it is where my passion and obsession with ice fishing began. This is the lake where I truly learned how to understand the importance of breaking down lake structure and what makes fish “tick” if you will" - Neil Horan

Neil Horan and Chris Schroeder put together a "goofy" full limit bag of 7 crappies and 8 gills with a total weight of 7.88 pounds to bring home their 1st Minnesota Made Plaque.  

Their win caps off a season where 4 different teams took home the plaque, which shows the diversity and skill level of the league.

"Fishing this league has been a great experience, each year I have learned so much from all of the guys. The best part is I have gone from hoping to catch fish every time I go out on the ice, to understanding why and how I caught fish. This all is because of the Minnesota Made League and its members.  I am already thinking about next year!" - Neil

Congrats to Neil Horan and Chris Schroeder!!!

Big Marine - Event 4 - TOP 10:

1. Neil and Chris / 7.88

2. Jacob and Nate / 7.13

3. Gary and Travis / 7.11

4. Jack and Jeremy / 7.07

5. Dan and Scott / 6.75

5. Al and Mario / 6.75

7. Paul and Evan / 5.87

8. Bob and Dave / 5.75

9. Kyle and Tony / 5.65

10. Dylan and Justin / 5.53

Big Crappie: Dale and Joel - 0.92

Big Gill: Bob and Dave - 0.65

Next Up: Team of the Year Blog, Kenders Sportsman of the Year Blog, and some League Member Insight

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