Minnesota Made Outdoors Fishing League

2019 Lakes & Dates

2019 Lakes & Dates

1/6: Pokegama

1/20: Maple

2/3: Minnetonka - North Arm

2/17: Big Marine

1. Entry Fee - $400 per team 2. Member benefits include VIP pricing through Clam Outdoors, Kenders, Vexilar, and Thorne Brothers. 3. Payouts Per Event (based on 25 teams and 4 events - subject to change) a. 1st Place - $700.00 cash prize b. 2nd Place - $500.00 cash prize c. 3rd Place - $300.00 cash prize d. 4th Place - $200.00 cash prize e. 5th Place – 24 piece tungsten jig set from Kenders Outdoors f. 6th-10th - Prized from Clam, Kenders, Customs Rods, Etc g. Big Fish - Side pot for crappie and gill each event 4. Lakes are determined each year by several factors including league member votes, DNR data, access size, safety, etc. The top weight-grossing lake from each year will automatically carry into the following season. 5. League Directors: a. Jake Kuchenmeister: jakekook@yahoo.com / 763.226.6900 b. Paul Ghizoni: paul.ghizoni@gmail.com / 763.442.7443 - Event Details • Team events of (2) anglers per team. Anglers may fish alone if partner is unable to make the event. • Teams must always leave the access together during tournament fishing. You may not meet your partner on the ice. • Substitutes are allowed, but must be communicated to the league director prior to 7:00 am on the date of the event. • There will be 4 scheduled tournaments each year. • 25 teams per event maximum • Pre-fishing is allowed up until midnight the night prior to event day. • Anglers are not allowed on the ice on the day of the event prior to the starting time. • MN State regulations, rules and laws must be observed and followed at all times. • League directors reserve the right to cancel or reschedule event dates and lakes. - Times • 7:30 – start • 2:30 – weigh in • If your team will be running late, you must notify the league director prior to 715am. Once you arrive, you must check in with the league director before entering the ice and fishing. Failure to do so will result in a zero weight for the event. - Weigh-in • Teams late to weigh in will be penalized .1 lbs. of a pound from your total bag weight per minute you are late. 1 minute = 0.1 lbs. • Teams arriving 10 minutes late to weigh in will be disqualified. • There is a no-tolerance stance on illegal fish. Illegal fish of obvious discoloration, previously caught, frozen, etc. will be discussed at weigh-in and will result in immediate disqualification for that event. The disqualified team will not be allowed to return to fish in coming years and all monies will be forfeited. - Fish Limits • 7 Crappies (per team) • 7 Sunfish (per team) • One bonus fish of either a Crappie or Sunfish to give you a 15 fish total but only after 7 Sunfish and 7 Crappies are in your weigh bucket. No more than 8 fish of one species can be weighed in. • Minimum Size Limits: Crappie = 8 inches, Sunfish = 7 inches • Fish culling is completely allowed, however you are not allowed to return dead fish to the water. • Minnesota state regulations always apply to fish limits, species and size. Teams are required to observe all state regulations on the fished body of water at all times. - Shotgun Start • Just like years past; all teams leave the access at the same time from the observed starting line. This location will be marked by our weigh-in tent and will be set up by 7:00 am at each event. Teams are encouraged to stay clear of any on-ice access to allow free flow for local and other anglers at all times. We don’t own the ice! - Scoring • The scoring system will be based on weight of total fish and number of teams competing in the event. Based on 25 teams, the first place team receives 25 points, second place 24 points, and so on. • Heaviest total weight wins • A tie is a tie. If a team’s total bag weight is the exact same as another team’s – both teams receive the same amount of points based on their overall finish. Any prizes are also to be split between the two teams. - Fishable Waters and Transportation • Safety first – always. In the event that there is unsafe ice during an event, the league official has the ability to make a certain part of the lake off-limits. Teams that do not observe this rule will be disqualified for that event. • Any fish-able water available by safe ice is acceptable. • Teams are not allowed to go on land during competition unless an emergency arises. In the event of an emergency a league official must be contacted prior to going on land. Emergencies are family; safety, sickness, etc. – not running low on fuel and bait! • Only the use of an ATV, snowmobile or side by side is allowed. No trucks or cars are allowed during the day of competition. The use of trucks and cars is allowed for pre-fishing. - Distance and Team Constraints • Teams must respect other teams. No fishing within 20 feet of another team will be allowed unless allowed by the team that was there first. • Teams are not allowed to have guests or non-league members fish with them during the competition. • During events, team members must remain within 100 feet of each other at all times. Emergencies are considered exceptions and once again a league official must be contacted.