State of the Minnesota Made League

Backstory on the League:

Paul and Jake had an interest in fishing the UPL and knew there was a waiting list.  Instead of putting their name on that waiting list and waiting, they decided to start their own league with friends.  In 2013, the league was started a month before the first event would take place.  We had 8 teams and averaged about 5-6 teams that would show up each event.  Watching the weigh in yesterday, that seems like 15 years ago - not 6. 

2013-2015, the league was more of a small group who used it as an excuse to get out on the lake with friends than an actual league.

In 2016, the league name changed from Loon Magnet Fishing League to Minnesota Made Outdoors Fishing League.  We had 20 teams and a cool logo.  We still dealt with no shows on tourney days and a handful of teams who sat in a shack in one spot all day.

In 2017, we bumped the league to 25 teams due to demand.  We started on the right track and signed up some serious fisherman with serious talent.  We fine tuned our social media approach to include more people and help grow the league and the brand.

In 2018, we kept the league at 25 teams and had a small waiting list.  We continued to learn from mistakes and try and make the league better.  We listened to our members and had a lot of meetings regarding new approaches.

In 2019, we kept the league at 25 teams and grew our waiting list.  We developed a website with league overviews, league focused blogs, and an apparel line we can be proud of.  We added 8 new teams who are amazing.

Where we are today:

It's amazing to look back and see where we were.  It's even more amazing to sit back and look at where we are today.  The emotions I experienced after Event 1 in 2019 were awesome.  To see the buckets brought in, to see the amount of exposure our league has, and just being around the guys - what a fantastic feeling.

We have the "right" teams.  We have good guys, with a group first mentality.  No one guy or team is bigger than the entire group.  We have guys helping each other out on the ice when an issue arises.  We have guys sharing information and picking teams up when they had a rough week.  Genuine congrats being shared for winning teams and big fish.  That's what this is about and I couldn't be prouder to sit back and watch it unfold each week.

We also attended our first show this year.  We had a booth at the Blaine Hardwater Expo and sold apparel and informed people about the league and what Minnesota Made Outdoors is about.  The feedback we received from customers was overwhelmingly supportive.  With that, we dove headfirst into the apparel business - we started and added a line of inventory for all three of our logos we created.  Our goal is for you to enjoy these pieces and wear them with pride.

Our apparel side of Minnesota Made will hopefully allow us to get involved with some charity work we've been itching to do.  Right now, we are focusing on making Minnesota Made the best it can be in order to give back to things we hold near and dear - Kids and Vets.

We hope to continue to get better, to continue to grow, and continue to build friendships through a passion of the Outdoors.

We thank all our members, all our sponsors, and everyone who supports Minnesota Made Outdoors.

Here's some stats for a year to year comparison:

2016 - 14 teams - No stats

2017 - 20 teams
Average Full Bags Per Week - 5
Average Total Event Weight - 65.45
Average Team Weight at each Event - 3.28

2018 - 25 teams
Average Full Bags Per Week - 12
Average Total Event Weight - 132.87
Average Team Weight at each Event - 5.31

2019 - 25 teams (through 1 event)
Average Full Bags Per Week - 17
Average Total Event Weight - 188.74
Average Team Weight at each Event - 7.55

We look forward to seeing you on the lake!

Jake & Paul

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  • I had a good laugh when I read about the teams that stayed in one spot in their shacks the whole event. That was us. Of course we didn’t know what we had gotten into and we didn’t have a wheeler then. We talked about getting out because we realized that we were out of our league. We’ve hung in there and I think we have become better fisherman. We are investing in better equipment, clothing, and trying to learn new methods. We have yet to place in the top 5 but look out. Thanks you guys for the opportunity to fish with some great people and to learn.

    Bob Vincent

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