A REFLECTION - by Nick Mueller

When I first joined MN Made I wanted to show myself and everyone else how good of a fisherman I was. Immediately I was humbled. I quickly found I knew very little about the sport of ice fishing and particularly how or where to find fish on lakes I had never been to. My skill when I first joined, included fishing schools of small fish in deep holes, trying to replicate what the locals do, talking with friends who fish certain lakes hoping for a secret spot, and following/checking spots other MN Made members had already drilled (remember Evan?). As I reflect on the past 4 years, I realized that all I have done is LEARN rather then prove anything during my time with MN Made. Thanks to many of you, I now often times fish shallow, understand how to dissect a lake to find quality panfish in unknown spots, and techniques to be successful at weigh in.

I am forever grateful for the experience and knowledge I have gained with MN Made. Special thanks to Paul, Evan, Phil, Jake, Leif, and Shawn.

Nick Mueller

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