2019 Minnesota Made - Event 2 - Maple Lake

The Superbowl marketing team that picked BOLD NORTH as their slogan would have had a field day taking pictures and videos of our guys out there on Sunday.

When we left the house it was -11 and by launch time it had warmed up to a balmy -7.  We were saved by the fact there was little to no wind. 

Out of the gate everyone was helping each other get ATV's started and by the end we were all huddled around a truck trying to get that started.  We had one team who had to go to a self serve car wash to warm up the gas lines so they could fish - one team walked out to their spot - one team broke down on the ice - and every team froze as they gave it everything they had to put fish in their bucket.

The overall bite wasn't hot and heavy with the cold snap and blue bird skies, but they did bite here and there.  The main issue was trying to find big enough gills to meet the minimum requirement of 7".  This was a true test of who could outwork other teams in some extreme elements.  Basically, it came down to who wanted it most and who put in the time pre-fishing to have the knowledge to make it work on Sunday.

When you take a look at the picture of the winning team - you will see the commitment by looking at their frozen bibs.  They drilled and drilled until they put a very respectable bag of 8.87 lbs together to capture the title on Maple Lake.

Congratulations to Paul Ghizoni and Evan Pheneger!!!

Maple Lake - Event 2 - Top 10:

1- Evan and Paul / 8.87 lbs
2- Nick and Leif / 8.67 lbs
3- Dan and Scott / 6.97 lbs
4- Kyle and Tony / 6.58 lbs
5- Gary and Travis / 6.40 lbs -Big Crappie (1.18)
6- Joe and Blake / 6.38 lbs
7- Jack and Jeremy / 5.77 lbs
8- Zaniel and Trent / 5.52 lbs - Big Gill (.46)
9- Rob and Steve / 5.46 lbs
10- Dale and Joel / 5.38 lbs

Updated Team of the Year Standings:

47 Leif Nereson & Nick Mueller

44 Jack Thomes & Jeremy Schwanz

44 Paul Ghizoni & Evan Pheneger

43 Gary Sandberg & Travis Adams

39 Dan Rollings & Scott Boersma

36 Dale Luginbill & Joel Kottke

34 Joe Craig & Blake Craig

34 Josh Zangl & Scott Davis

30 Kevin Wildung & Jeremy West

29 Kyle Rick & Tony Dahlberg

29 Neil Horan & Pat Horan

28 Al Escobedo & Mario Perzichilli

26 Rob Thielke & Steve McConnville

26 Mark Bussen & Tim Prunick

24 Jacob Stolquist & Nate Samuelson

21 Zaniel Dell & Trent Lindahl

20 Dylan Erickson & Justin Lang

17 Jake Kustrich & Shane Kustrich

16 Mark Bussen Sr & Tom Bussen Jr

14 Robert Vincent & David Vincent

13 Caleb Bielke & Cody Rosales

13 Nate Lecy & Trevor Slifka

8 Branden Doyle & Bryon Doyle

8 Cody Mann & Jon Vega

6 Bob Richardson & Jerry Kashmark

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