2019 Minnesota Made - Event 1 - Pokegama Lake

What a great start to the tournament season!!!

Coming in to the day, teams were shooting for the 8.30 lbs mark that Leif and Nick hit last year to capture the title.  With a storm front moving in Sunday night, the bite was up in the air and anything could happen.  The pressure remained steady the previous three days sitting in the 29.75 range, but when we launched at 7:30AM on Sunday morning, the pressure had rose to 30.24.

Teams went out in two heats and went to their top pre-fishing / practice spots to start the morning off.  When it comes to tournament fishing, getting your limit as early as possible is crucial in order to give you the opportunity to upgrade your fish throughout the day.  Normally, you won't win a tournament in the first two hours - but you could certainly lose a tournament in the first two hours.

By most accounts, the bite was tough but fair throughout the day with small spurts of more aggressive fish.  Drilling holes and moving with the fish was the name of the game for all of the top teams.  Teams made small moves first and if that didn't work they would load up and make a large move.

When it came time for weigh in, a very familiar team was sitting in the Clam Hot Seat at the end of the day.  Minnesota Made 2018 Team of the Year - Jack Thomes and Jeremy Schwanz came in with a winning limit of 8 crappies and 7 gills that weighed in at an impressive 9.68 to collect a cool $700 and the most coveted prize of all - The winners plaque.

Last year, 8.30 lbs won the event on Pokegama.  This year, 8.30 lbs would have finished in 14th Place.  13 teams came in with weights above last years winning weight.  What a testament to the league, the dedicated fisherman, and the hard work put in to competing with some of the best anglers in Minnesota.

Congrats to the top 10.

Next up:  Maple Lake - January 20th

1st - Jack and Jeremy (9.68)
2nd - Josh and Austin (9.29)
3rd - Leif and Nick (9.28)
4th - Gary and Travis (9.21)
5th - Kevin and Jeremy (9.08)
6th - Dale and Joel (9.06)
7th - Paul and Evan (9.03)
8th - Neil and Pat (8.87)
9th - Dylan and Justin (8.80)
10th - Dan and Scott (8.63)

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  • Congratulations to all the fishermen especially Jack and Jeremy. You guys rock!

    Randy Laib

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